Bearing Positioning Tool Set <Aluminum>

Model 13-K328
Features The Bearing Positioning Tool Set provides a convenience way to contact closely and smoothly with the upper inner edge of a bearing so that hammering force can be applied evenly to enable the bearing to be smoothly and quickly assembled and positioned in the insert hole of an axle.
Descriptions It includes a grip having an inner end fixed with a combining rod with a combining hole and 6 pieces heavy-duty positioning press blocks with different diameters in order to match different-sized bearings. There are 3 pieces positioning press blocks are formed with two different diameters.


Set contains nine sizes :

1.555"(39.5mm), 1.752"(44.5mm), 1.968"(50.0mm), 2.322"(59.0mm), 2.48"(63.0mm), 2.559"(65.0mm), 2.834"(72.0mm), 2.992"(76.0mm), 3.189"(81.0mm)

Material : aluminum

Warning : Always wear ANSI approved safety goggles when working with tool and equipment.
Taiwan Pat.
China Pat.